“I aten’t dead” (wait, have I quoted that before?)

May the Force be with you, as I write to you on this Star Wars Day. *waits for the appropriate liturgical response*

First of all, no, I aten’t dead. I am alive, and determined to resurrect my writing, this blog, and my Patreon. (Remember my Patreon?)
Second, with those goals in mind, I am pleased to offer a new reward to current and new Patreon subscribers who pledge ten dollars or more per month: A PDF version of my mythfic “A distinguished visitor from the north”, slightly revised and edited with the help of my friend Sarah Loch, and gorgeously illustrated by Li Oesterberg, a comics artist I have been pleased to follow on Tumblr for a couple of years.
Third, I’ll now be offering another new reward to subscribers who pledge $25 or more: The chance to read works in progress. Right now, the major work I have in progress that I’d like to offer to readers is a sequel to “A distinguished visitor from the north”, tentatively entitled “A leisurely cruise through the stars”. This story, which picks up the tale when Antinous is asked to retrieve the goddess Melinoe from the realm of her foster-mother Hel and bring her home to her parents, was previously available on my blog Antinous for Everybody . It is no longer available there. I have made those entries private; from now on, installments of this work in progress will only be available at Patreon, at the $25 level and higher, until the story is complete.
And as soon as I get my first subscriber at that level, I will begin to re-post the existing installments, starting with one post per month. Having subscribers that I know want to read this story will, I hope, be a strong motivator for me to work on it!
In the meantime, I resolve to post something here once a week, at least, for the foreseeable future.

If you like my writing, support it! Subscribe at Patreon! Tell your friends! Thanks, dear readers, and be well.


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