Before her month is over…

Queen of Heaven

Let it not be said that there are no goddesses in heaven.

Let it not be said that all goddesses are of earth.

Let no one deny the sovereignty of Juno,

queen of heaven, lady of the sky.

Praise to Juno whose domain is the heavens.

Praise to Juno whose mantle is the clouds.

Praise to Juno whose handmaid is the rainbow.

Praise to Juno who both stirs and calms storms.

Praise to Juno, wife and mother, queen and matron,

protectress of all women whether slave or free, rich or poor.

Praise to Juno, equal to Jove, wise as Minerva,

steadfast as Vesta, free as Diana, beautiful as Venus.

Praise to Juno, protectress of women, shaper of heroes,

guardian of the nation, noblest of goddesses.

Ave Juno Dea!


To Juno Moneta

Admonish me, O Juno Moneta:

Admonish when I am about to spend too much.

Admonish when I have spent too little.

Warn me when I have forgotten my bills.

Encourage me when I need a taste of luxury.

Guide me when there is danger ahead.

Guard me when I am under threat.

May the cries of birds alert me to threats

and to the presence of the gods who can help me.

May they remind me of your presence

and your power, Juno Moneta.


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