POEM: Hymns to the Forest God #7

The Forest God in summer 

is the lord of the sun, the darling 

of the moon. He is light and joy, 

swiftness and daring, fullness 

and rest. Decked with garlands 

of leaves and flowers he dances 

with the tree nymphs, couples with 

oak and willow and thorn. Then 

he makes music, the pipe, 

the harp, the flute, guitar.

His voice rings out, louder 

than a man’s, sweeter than 

a deer’s, wise as only a god’s 

can be. Under the full moon 

he joins the rings of dancing 

witches and leaves his seed 

in those who desire it, plants 

the secrets of the forest. 

They will bear his children

And nurture the ancient wisdoms

that only he remembers, that 

he will never let die away.

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