POEM: Hymns to the Forest God #27

I would go and make a greenwood marriage–

find a lover and lie down under the leaves. 

The Forest God blesses all couples and more 

than couples who choose to join in his domain.

Man with woman or man with man, woman 

with woman or three or four, as long as 

there is free will, there is freedom to love 

and live under his protection. And there is 

solace also for the heart that desires solitude, 

to be away from humankind, to speak only 

with the trees and hear the stream running, 

the birds calling. There is room for love 

and aloneness beneath the green roof of the forest, 

within the compass of the Forest God, and 

my heart dreams of both blessings, to be 

found resting in the god’s embrace.

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