Blogging as busking

Once upon a time in the 1990s, my then-husband and I were rather broke, a not uncommon condition for musicians. He was a professional one at that time, a church organist who was in between second jobs (because not many churches were paying actual full-time salaries), and I was an amateur one, a singer and guitarist. We were very interested in Irish and other Celtic music at the time, and we wound up acquiring two other musicians and forming a band which we boldly called Fire in the Head. I played rhythm guitar, our man played lead guitar and bouzouki, another woman played hammered dulcimer, and my husband played flute, pennywhistle, and reed organ (the 19th century’s equivalent of a synth keyboard).

There was one summer where we busked, a lot. As I said, we were broke. When we played out of doors, we would put my guitar case on the ground, open, in front of us, and throw a couple of bucks of seed money into the case as a hint. A couple of hours with a good audience, and we’d have enough money to buy pizza and beer for four (and Coke for me).

I’m here performing on the Internet, putting my stuff out there. This is my opening the guitar case and tossing in a couple of suggestive bills. If you like what you’ve been reading, throw a couple of dollars my way? It would be a big help.

Image by ejaugsburg from Pixabay

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