POEM: Pulse

POEM: Pulse

49 pulses

49 rhythms of sorrow and joy

49 dancers

their bodies pulsing with life

their bodies pulsing with ecstasy

their bodies pulsing with joy

49 people

brown people, black people, white people

49 dancers, 49 victims

49 lovers and beloveds

49 humans capable of all the human emotions

And 53 wounded

53 who have to live 

with the deaths of 49 others

with the scars of bullet wounds

with the entry and the exit or maybe 

where the fragment is lodged in their flesh

and can never be removed or fully healed

49 and 53

memory for their names

roses for their graves

a feast for the survivors

silence and shame for their killer

Pulse Nightclub, Orlando, FL, 2016

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