I’m a writer, not a–

Your humble blogger is a heretical Anglo-Catholic Episcopalian turned syncretic Mediterranean polytheist, a choirboy in the body of a middle-aged femme, an occasional Tibetan Buddhist, an aspiring pagan nun, a writer of poetry, essays, and various kinds of fiction, a crazy bird lady who calls her pet cockatiel “my avian life partner”, and a founding member of the Naos  Antínoou–a queer, Graeco-Roman-Egyptian syncretist reconstructionist polytheist group dedicated to Antinous, the deified lover of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, and related deities and divine figures. I am also devoted to Melinoe, the daughter of Hades and Persephone, to Apollo, and to a mysterious deity with antlers whom I know only as “the Forest God”.

This website exists to provide a central launching pad for all my writing and fund-raising. Much of my writing is now subscriber-only on Patreon; some of it will remain that way, and some of it will unlock there and subsequently be posted here. My fanfic is always free and archived at AO3.

As of April 2021, I am working on a collection of the devotional poetry for Antinous that I’ve been writing and blogging since 2014. Stay tuned for further news about that project!