FIC: Sto dasos kapou

Sto dasos kapou (3227 words) by MToddWebster
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Andrew Hozier-Byrne (Musician), Ancient Greek Religion & Lore
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Dionysus/Forest God
Characters: Dionysus (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Forest God – Character
Additional Tags: Mythology – Freeform, Celtic Mythology & Folklore, Explicit Consent, Enthusiastic Consent, Blow Jobs, Anal Sex, Kissing, Drinking, Pagan Gods, gods having sex, top!Dionysus, Bottom!Forest God, Flowers, Mushrooms, Kemonomimi, Non-Human Genitalia
Series: Part 7 of Tales of the Forest God

The young god of the wine and the old god of the forest meet in the woods, and shenanigans ensue.


POEM: Ariadne’s Blues

Let’s go ashore, said Theseus, let’s go ashore, he said.

So I went ashore with Theseus, and gave him my maidenhead.


Let’s sleep on the beach, my darling, let’s sleep on the beach tonight.

So I slept on the beach beside him, while the moon rose late but bright.


I woke on the beach next morning, I woke on the beach alone.

The ship was off on the horizon, too far off to hear me moan.


I let Theseus into my palace, I let him into my heart.

I let him love me a little, and then he broke my heart.


I cried on the beach at Naxos, I wept a day and a night.

I slept on the beach at Naxos, woke up to something bright.


A boy who looked like a woman, a god who looked like a man,

a man who looked like a leopard, looked like no mortal can.


You look like a girl who’s lonely, you look like a girl who’s lost,

you look like your man has left you, you look like your stars are crossed.


You look like an ancient goddess, you look like a priestess-queen,

it seems to me I remember, who you are and who you’ve been.


Won’t you come with me to Olympus, won’t you sleep with me tonight,

won’t be my wife and priestess, with a crown of stars so bright?


Oh I’ll go with you to Olympus, yes, I’ll sleep in your arms divine,

I’ll be great as your wife and priestess, just see how my crown will shine.

Bacchus & Ariadne by Titian, at the National Gallery in London