FIC: “Spring Frolic”

Image by diapicard from Pixabay

Spring Frolic (1259 words) by MToddWebster
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Andrew Hozier-Byrne (Musician), Forest God – Fandom
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Forest God/Fox
Additional Tags: Spring, Animal Transformation, Shapeshifting, Flowers, Anal Sex
Series: Part 6 of Tales of the Forest God

The flowers are in bloom, and the fox is feeling frisky.

Please note, this is explicit erotica featuring a male/male pairing. If that’s not your cuppa, the back button is your friend!

POEM: Hymns to the Forest God #16

Sometimes I want to be a tree

and just stand quietly

in the wind

sunlight or rain are both food 

for me, the air is my breath, 

my roots are happy sunk 

deep in the dirt.


Sometimes I want to be a bird 

and fly high from tree to tree

I want to have no thoughts beyond 

feeding, flying, preening 

want to sleep with my head 

turned away from the world 

and one foot hidden, a mystery 

like the organ in my throat 

that makes the song humans 

marvel at


Sometimes I want to be a fox 

and trot alongside the riverbank 

waiting for a fish, or a rabbit, 

or a fallen sandwich, or something 

to be quick and soft like a cat 

but bite with the teeth of a dog 

and show off my red fur and white 

trim with pride and laughter 


Come with me, says the Forest God 

you can be all of those things 

you are all of those things 

your body is an animal body

your mind is a winged creature 

your soul is as old and as rooted 

as the largest tree you know

POEM: Hymns to the Forest God #12

He is man and beast and god in one, 

him crowned with antlers, the Forest God, 

and his lovers are mortal and immortal, 

bird and beast, tree and stone and light.


He has sired children on mortal brides 

and mounted the doe in the fervor of autumn; 

He has twined branches with the female holly 

And coaxed the fox into the shape of a man.

He has lain with men and women 

and with those between and other 

and rejects no lover for their body 

for he loves for and from the heart. 


Love me, O forest lord, and teach me 

to love as you do, to make love with 

tree and stone, to dance with sun and 

moon as with a fleshly partner, 

to wake in dreams and roam the forest 

where all souls and spirits are still equal, 

all still kindred, all still lovers, 

Children and lovers of the Forest God.