A note on the ordering of hymns

I originally wrote this sequence of hymns before the Naos Antinoou was formed. At the time, when I and my fellow devotees were mostly members of the Ekklesia Antinoou, there was a cultus within the group for the Tetrad++, six transgender deities who had recently manifested themselves. The Tetrad++ were important enough that I wrote a hymn celebrating their relationship with the Beautiful Boy, for the 22nd day of the month.

As the Naos has evolved on its own, however, the cult of the Tetrad++ has become less a group activity and more an individual devotion. I no longer practice any cultus to them myself, and therefore I have decided to omit their hymn from the commentary. I will be adding a new hymn to the sequence, with commentary, in a few days.

The original sequence of hymns, including the hymn to Antinous and the Tetrad++, can be found here.