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POEM: Terminalia

Lay a foundation.
Build with good stone.
Raise a strong roof.
Honor the spirits of the land.
Then, place stones to mark the boundary.

Lay out the lines in pleasant places.
Claim what your cloak can cover.
The line shall be drawn here.
Terminus, god of boundaries, witness us.

Cast the circle.
Purify and consecrate the space.
Call the powers to witness.
Make offerings of food and drink,
flowers and trinkets, sacred song and dance.
Create a boundary
within which time and space are sacred.
Unwind, thank Terminus for his blessings.

Boundary, containment, limit, terminus,
terminal, sacred space, lorica, protection,
good fences make good neighbors,
and whatever it is that doesn’t love a wall,
let it go and lament to Terminus,
protector of rightful boundaries.
Here is my place and there is yours.
Here is our land and here is theirs.
This is my territory and you do not enter
without permission, as I shall enter yours.
Terminus upholds. Terminus protects.
Terminus shall join the circumference to the center
with the blessing of Janus and Vesta.
Let trespassers heed his warning: