POEM: Hymns to the Forest God #28

There are bones beneath the floor of the forest. 

There are bones unburied, scraped clean by hungry teeth, 

the predator and then the scavenger. There is blood shed, 

soaked into the complex earth. Scat gets buried, but 

the carcases of the dead lie in the underbrush. Flowers 

push up through the fine bones of dead birds, pushing 

aside the dry feathers. There are levels and layers of 

death underneath all that life, the green leaf and 

the sparkling stream, the white mushroom and 

the red berry, death and dirt and decay. There is 

no comfort in the silence of life reduced to rotting meat.


Bones make flutes, the god tells me. Sinews make 

strings. Branches stretch strings into harp and lyre, 

not just bow and arrow. Dead flesh becomes meat, 

mushroom adds flavor. The forest remembers, 

layers and levels of memory, the dead, the unborn, 

the worlds that were and will be overlapping 

one another. Come, sit here, says the Forest God.

Sit with me and sing of what is mourned.

POEM: Hymns to the Forest God #13

In the forests of the north, he has walked 

since before we were human, before we could 

walk on two legs and lift up our heads.

When we came to the forests of the north, 

to the land of the glaciers, the sheltering caves, 

he was already there, waiting for us.  

He was already waiting for us 

and the questions we would bring, 

ready to teach us how to sing 

as we hunted, how to gather the foods 

that were good, how to turn poison 

into healing and healing into visions,  

how to find him in the other world 

and know him by his antlers, the Forest God.

FIC: The Feast of Saint Hubert

The Feast of Saint Hubert (3695 words) by MToddWebster
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Andrew Hozier-Byrne (Musician)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: OMC/OMC
Additional Tags: Forest Sex, gay forest sex, pansexual forest god, Bisexual Male Character, The Forest God – Freeform, Hunters & Hunting, Deer, Animal Death, Animal Transformation, Sacrifice, Self-Sacrifice
Series: Part 3 of Tales of the Forest God

(The Forest God speaks) I have had one true bride over many centuries, yet I have also had many lovers, in different times and places. And I have lived many lives, and also died many deaths. Here is the tale of one of them….